Back to School – Sending Cookie Care Packages


It is always in season for old men to learn – Aeschylus

Ahhh, back to school. We’re back to the routine again; back to driving carpool and practicing piano, packing sack lunches and ensuring homework is completed. As much as the peace of an empty house sounds seductive, there’s still a certain melancholy that coincides with those first few weeks of school. Whether you’re watching your little boy or girl awkwardly lining-up with the kindergarten class, or dropping off a wide-eyed freshman at high school, or missing that freshly minted co-ed…that feeling of parental pride is striated with the unwelcome awareness that your baby is growing up.

We’ve put together a couple of products that will help keep that latter notion at bay…and keep you connected…

And when you’re finished sending that sweet missive, why not distract yourself with a learning activity of your own?  Learn to paint, take a history class…a cooking class.  It’s a great time to take the plunge and indulge yourself too!


College Care-Package Club

Our College Care-Package Club is a great way to remind your collegian that you’re thinking about him or her throughout the school year. We’ll ship yummy treats to his or her college or boarding school address six times: starting at the end of September; then for Halloween; at the beginning of December; for Valentine’s Day; mid-March for St. Patrick’s Day; and a final shipment in May before school lets out. Of course for younger children, you can have the goodies sent to your home!  Check the College Care-Package Club out here.


School Logo Cookies

email-back-to-school-2013-topNo matter whether your child is attending a large university, a small country day school, or a big suburban high school, he or she is sure to enjoy the special treat of seeing his or her school logo on a buttery short-dough cookie.  We just need a high-resolution image file (preferably jpeg) of your school logo and we’re off to the ovens. Shop School Logo Cookies here.

Danish-butter-cookies-white-plastic-300-The-Solvang-BakeryButter Cookie Tubs

For a more economical greeting, send a tub of our famous Danish Butter Cookies.  The tub seals nicely to preserve freshness, and there will be plenty to share with roommates! Shop Butter Cookies now.


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