May We Do You a Favor? Party Favors from The Solvang Bakery

Have you ever left a fundraising event with a party favor that you didn’t really want? You know the one, you stashed it in your handbag, and lo and behold, months later, there it was all ready to go to the next party.  Or perhaps you’re still pushing it around with your to-file stack – feeling too guilty to toss it in the bin? paper-bag-300

Or what about your children?  They roll home from a birthday party with a sack of cheaply made toys that will be played with once, then be the source of that strange noise in your vacuum cleaner.

Why not go with a favor that is tasteful (pun intended), and won’t clutter anyone’s home?  A party favor that your children can happily devour the day after you’ve spent a lovely evening out…

At The Solvang Bakery, we have increasing requests for elegant party favors that are edible and personalized; party favors that reflect the theme, essence, or personality of the party or host.  Ranging from fundraisers to birthday parties to bridal showers to baby showers, we relish the opportunity to unleash our creative energy on these projects.

Here are a few of our favorites:

We had the pleasure of replicating the extraordinary tile work found in Santa Barbara’s Casa del Herrero for their annual fundraiser.  Guests were given a cookie as they departed at the end of the evening; a delicious reminder of what they were helping to preserve for their community.



Birthday party ideas abound. From cameo favors of that embarrassing teen perm for the now elegant 50 year old, to the sporty cupcake cookie favors for an energetic 10 year old, there’s no limit to the possibilities.


We recently provided both cake and party favors for a landmark birthday with a hippy/flower-child theme.  We thought they were perfect for Baby Boomer party favors.



Depending on your budget, we can expand the favor theme to something more elaborate. The party pails below included colorful candies and treats, along with hand-iced short dough cookies in the shape of the number 13.

For bridal showers and weddings, we’re often asked to provide wedding cake-shaped favors featuring the bride and groom’s names.  Another favorite is replicating the couple’s stationary/crest on a cookie.











And finally, as a big family, we love to create special party favors for baby showers. Brights or pastels, gender-specific or neutral, “Baby Smith,” or “Hayden” and “Kate,” we’ll craft something memorable and delicious for your guests.




















What about you: do you have suggestions for fabulous party favors?  Please do us a favor and give us a call to get started on your party favors.  You may call Melissa at (805) 218-2066, or email her at

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