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Okay we admit it. It really is fun to sit down with a freshly minted bride-to-be and share in her enthusiasm for her impending nuptials. The process usually starts with a phone call or an email, followed by the onsite cake tasting with the bride, her mother or a best friend, and perhaps the groom. Sometimes we even have the future mother-in-law, and a dad or two. After a couple of decades of marriage, these exuberant meetings serve as great reminders of the tremendous  joy to be found in finding one’s soulmate.

Wedding Cake and Dessert Table The Solvang Bakery

Wedding Cake and Dessert Table

Each wedding season, tastes and styles shift to adapt to current trends. In terms of flavors, we’re seeing a lot of lemon with fresh raspberry and lemon parfait filling with either cream cheese or buttercream icing. Also vying for number one is our white butter cake with fresh strawberry and Bavarian creme filling with either buttercream or fondant icing. For our chocolate lovers, the choice tends to be our Triple Chocolate Fudge…one layer of which is brownie.

Shelly Vinson Photography The Solvang Bakery Wedding Cakes

Shelly Vinson Photography

french-macaron-tower-the-solvang-bakery-300We’ve had more and more inquiries for gluten-free cakes, but usually not for the whole cake. The bride and groom will typically order a handful of gluten-free cupcakes, or a smaller additional gluten-free cake to accompany the main wedding cake.

Couples are increasingly enamored with individual cakes and dessert bars, dessert stations, and/or candy tables.  A colorful tower of elegant French macarons make a lovely addition to any dessert table. We all know that weddings are expensive, and the scattered dessert-stations strategy serves the dual purpose of providing colorful and thematic decoration, as well as the beloved dessert.


Shelly Vinson Photography

We see about 30% of our couples ordering Groom’s Cakes. They tend to be shaped to match the favorite sports or hobbies of the groom, ranging from college and professional sports teams to guitar shaped cakes to hunting themes.

Color palettes range from grays and yellows to all shades of turquoise or coral. White on white is popular, along with champagne and pale pinks mixed with whites.

Post-Love-is-Sweet-Wedding-Cake-The-Solvang-Bakery-1Fresh flowers of all types continue to be requested frequently. Peonies, garden/heirloom roses, succulents, wild flowers, and lavender round out the typical choices. Living in Santa Barbara wine country, we service ample weddings held at wineries or vineyards in lovely, rustic settings – the wedding cakes tend to reflect this simplicity.

Two newer trends are oddly older in nature. Wedding pies, consisting of mini-pies and/or 9″ pies marry (pun intended) nicely with barn/ranch rustic chic venues. The second trend is steeped in southern tradition. It’s a cake pull which is held at the bridesmaid luncheon. Each bridesmaid pulls a ribbon from the bottom of the cake, and gets a charm that has a special meaning for her future.

Post-wedding-cake-on-wine-barrel-initials-the-solvang-bakery-1wedding-reif-2-500The most important thing to remember when designing and ordering your wedding cake or dessert stations, is to make it reflect you and your groom. Ideally, they will simply be an extension of who you two are together…playful, elegant, expressive, fanciful, reserved, contemporary, or modern…it’s always perfect if your friends and family see you shining through.

We always love hearing new ideas – please share in the comments below!


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