Sweet Love at The Solvang Bakery – Valentine’s Day and Gingerbread Houses


Love is an emotion we know well at The Solvang Bakery.  Whether we’re putting the finishing touches on an elegant wedding cake for an anxious bride, or icing the words, “I Love You” onto short-dough cookies for a grandmother, we have the pleasure of observing the many flavors of love in our customers’ lives.

This last Christmas, our little shop played host to not one, but two engagements!  One of the couples, Jenn and Rob, have shared their story with us.  Here it is:

“December 8, 2012 will be a day I will never forget and made all the more special by all the lovely ladies at Solvang Bakery. My now fiance schemed with Melissa to create a proposal that was not only special but unique. We built a lovely gingerbread house at the bakery and when we were finished, Melissa thought there was just one thing needed to make the house perfect. She brought out a covered plate concealing a very special cookie with the words ” Will you marry me Jenn?” Of course once I uncovered the message I couldn’t believe what was happening and was completely overjoyed. I eventually said “YES!” after a lot of disbelieving “shut ups” and we are planning a our wedding for late 2013! Thank you so much Melissa and everyone for making this a day Rob and I will never forget!”

jenn and rob engagement - The Solvang Bakery

With Melissa and Billy coming up on 20 years of marriage, and Susan and Paul at 48 years, we are deeply honored that Rob chose our bakery as the locale for this momentous occasion.  Many thanks to Rob and Jenn for sharing their story!  Our other groom-to-be hid the engagement ring inside a gingerbread house…talk about a surprise!

Are you plotting something special this Valentine’s Day?  We’ve created a special Valentine’s Love Shack for 2013.  To achieve those pretty pink walls and roof, we used short-dough rather than gingerbread.  As always, you may personalize it with names on the roof…or perhaps a message…or a question…  We also created a Valentine’s Love Shack Kit.  Build and decorate one together – it serves as a tasty metaphor for things to come!  (Of course, your children and grandchildren will love them too)

valentines gingerbread house love shack solvang bakery

valentines gingerbread house kit love shackvalentines cookies solvang bakerythe-solvang-bakery-valentines iced cookies gift box

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