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Origins of Seven Sisters Cake (Almond Butter Ring)

“Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades…?”

We’ve been baking our Almond Butter Ring pastry for over 30 years.  Three decades may seem like a long time, but the Danes have been making it for over three centuries!  The more traditional name for this gooey pastry is Seven Sisters Cake or Sosterkage.

Sandwiched between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, Denmark ‘s geographic location meant that the Danish people couldn’t help but be seafarers.   Danish Vikings roamed the northern seas and beyond.   With no modern gadgets like GPS devices available, steering by the stars was the only means of navigation available.


Pleiades or Seven Sisters. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

So what does this have to do with our delicious Almond Butter Rings?  An open star cluster known as the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, lies in the Taurus constellation, and is particularly prominent during winter in the northern hemisphere.  In fact, it the month of November, it shines from sunset to sunrise.  Because it is one of the closest star clusters to Earth, is can easily be viewed with the naked eye.

Legend has it that the Seven Sisters’ Cake takes its name from the Pleiades.   According to Greek Mythology, the seven sisters were the companions of Artemis, goddess of hunting and the moon.  The hunter Orion (a nearby constellation) pursued the sisters.  Eventually through the predictable antics of the Olympians, both the sisters and Orion were placed in the night sky.  We like to imagine the Seven Sisters guiding Danish sailors of yore safely home.

Our Seven Sisters are safely nestled in a ring of six rolls circling one center roll (one of the seven stars disappeared during biblical times…a fact supported both historically and astronomically).  Made from pastry dough and layered with almond paste and custard filling, we top it off with a vanilla icing.  We like to think that any sailor returning from the northern seas in the last three centuries would be delighted to sit down to a slice of our Almond Butter Ring and a hot cup of coffee.

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