Custom Gingerbread Houses

Custom Gingerbread House Installation Fun


We love when we are presented with the opportunity to unleash all of our creative energies on a custom gingerbread installation. For this project, we were directed to create a gingerbread village down the center of a dining room table.

The village’s gingerbread castle would rest on a table in the adjoining living room.


Susan and Armando collaborated to design something that would fit the period and have enough artistic variation to keep diners interested throughout their holiday dining. They were careful to keep the profile of the village low enough to not obstruct easy conversation across the table.


gingerbread-village-8-the-solvang-bakery-armandogingerbread-village-5-the-solvang-bakery-susan-snowThis particular installation was located close enough that Susan and Armando were able to be physically present to put the finishing touches on the gingerbread cottages.

The other benefit of close proximity is that the various buildings need not be shipped…allowing for more delicate touches and gingerbread flourishes.


gingerbread-village-2-the-solvang-bakery-susan-straightening gingerbread-village-9-the-solvang-bakery-clock-tower












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