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How to Use Fondant – Susan Shares Tips for Making a Simple Fondant Cake

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Have you ever wondered how people create such magnificent cakes? Some of them truly are works of art. At The Solvang Bakery, we’ve been blessed with several talented individuals who together have logged decades of experience creating innovative cakes. The secret of their architectural details is fondant.

fondant imageFondant comes from the French verb fondre, which means to melt. It is created by melting sugar in water. The solution starts out clear, then becomes an opaque white as crystallization begins to occur. Glucose or cream of tartar is added to aid in the crystallization process. Do we make our own fondant? Nope. It’s a tricky business to get the crystallization just right; if the crystals are too big, the fondant will not be pliable and will lose its shine and smoothness. Most bake shops purchase their rolled fondant from folks who make it all day long. We use commercial sources, but you will be able to find it in local hobby shops such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby (or in their online stores).

simple-fondant-cake-500We’ve put together a ‘How to’ video featuring co-owner Susan Halme. ┬áIn it, Susan shows you how to cover a cake with fondant and add some simple decorative elements to it. She shares a number of tips along the way. We can promise that you’ll be making specialty and wedding cakes like those on this page in a week, but we do believe you’ll enjoy the journey.


Here are a few of Susan’s tips for covering a cake with fondant:

  • mad-hatter-cake-300Cover cake with buttercream icing, not whipped cream, prior to applying fondant
  • Make sure cake is refrigerated prior to applying fondant – you want it nice and cool
  • Use corn starch to keep fondant from sticking to table and rolling pin
  • Make sure you roll out any air bubbles in the fondant
  • Use your rolling pin to transfer the fondant to the cake
  • Pizza cutters make great trimming tools for fondant
  • And many more tip in the video…

This makes a great DIY project with the kids…plus there are always tasty scraps… Have fun and let us know how it turns out!

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