The Baking Crew


The Solvang Bakery Cake and Gingerbread Pastry Chef: Armando UribeMeet His Majesty, the King of Cake and Gingerbread, Armando:

Armando Uribe has been with The Solvang Bakery from the beginning.  After training with a Danish baker, Armando and founder Susan worked side-by-side to develop the specialty/wedding cake and gingerbread side of the business.  Armando’s artistry and attention to detail make him just that: an artist, but with a king’s demand for perfection.



The Solvang Bakery Danish Pastry Chef: Justo UribeMeet the Duke of Danish Pastries, Justo:

Another magistrate in The Solvang Bakery’s confectionary triumvirate, Justo Uribe also trained with Danish bakers before sharing his expertise with The Solvang Bakery.  For over 30 years he has refined his craft to produce flaky, buttery morsels of sweet excellence that are shipped throughout the United States.




The Solvang Bakery Pastry Chef: Barbara BruggeMeet the Princess of Pastry, Barbara:

Barbara Brugge studied at the prestigious California Culinary Academy, followed by 11 years as a pastry chef at the flossy Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, California.  She readily shares new techniques with the team, and lends a surgeon’s steady hand to all of her culinary creations.

Happy Holidays from The Solvang Bakery!

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